dbheuPYTtA.exe – malicious process of System Repair virus

dbheuPYTtA.exe is a process of System Repair fake hard drive defragmenter. The location of this file in Windows Vista, 7 or 8 versions is C:ProgramDatadbheuPYTtA.exe. According to the information from the previous article about this virus, System Repair is a serious malware that imitates the traits of some system optimization utility. It runs fake scan of your computer and reports many fake bugs and errors. Then it asks users to buy its license (activation key) to fix them. Doing so is a serious mistake, of course, and we hope that after reading our detailed article about this malware you will surely make up your mind to delete this hoax from your system. If you use Process Explorer here is how this malicious process looks like:


The problem with dbheuPYTtA.exe virus process is that it cannot be easily terminated. First, all your files are hidden due to the presence of System Repair scam on your system. Secondly, this rogue doesn’t allow you to use Task Manager to terminate this process. However, there’s a way how you can do it. Simply follow these removal guidelines that will help you terminate dbheuPYTtA.exe process and to restore your hidden files – https://trojan-killer.com/remove-system-repair-virus/

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