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Contest-winners.com surveys engaged in fraud

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The so-called surveys powered by the site contest-winners.com are engaged in stealing a lot of your personal information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers (cellular ones), name, etc. Performing these surveys is therefore dangerous. If you see pop-ups from contest-winners.com sites you should immediately ignore them and perform a thorough system cleanup of your computer.

contest-winners.com surveys

The pop-ups from site contest-winners.com site may appear on your PC as a result of you installing some adware program (like BetterSurf, Webexp Enhanced, etc.). These adware applications are actively engaged in displaying a lot of annoying stuff, such as ads, pop-up windows, and these particular surveys from contest-winners.com. In these suveys you are falsely promised to have a chance to win an iPad, on the condition that you first take part in this survey where you will be required to specify a lot of your personal information (such as email addresses, telephone numbers, names, etc). Doing so is dangerous, since such data will then be used by hackers and adware owners for bombarding you will all kinds of other annoying offers, adwares, which can in its turn infect your PC even more.

We recommend that you get rid of contest-winners.com pop-up windows and don’t participate in these fraudulent surveys. Please follow the removal instructions below.

Removal tool for contest-winners.com pop-ups, surveys and related adware:

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