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Potentially Unwanted Programs

Remove Showmevod.com ads

Showmevod.com ads could be caused by an adware program installed on your computer. Or the website itself allows those ads to appear. If the pop-ups keep appearing on most websites you visit, it’s worth checking your computer for adware. If you only see it a couple of times on the same …

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How to remove 123Movies Search

123Movies Search – is a deceptive browser add-on, that allows user to play video games while browsing. It supports popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you have 123Movies Search you may notice various advertisements on many webpages. Those advertisements may redirect user to …

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How to remove Photorito.me

Photorito.me – is a delusive web-browser application. It supports major internet browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Designers of this application promise, that Photorito.me helps user with browsing and searching by adding different features to the browser. But be careful, this add-on displays different advertisements on visited webpages. …

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Remove Safe Browsing extension

Safe Browsing is a dubious Google Chrome extension that supposedly makes your browsing experience better by allowing you to customise your homepage. It’s also considered to be a browser hijacker. While you may find that useful, you should also be aware that it will expose you to advertisements and sponsored …

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Remove FapTitans.com Ads

FapTitans.com is ad-supported software that may be responsible for all the advertisements you are seeing on your screen. Adware usually install alongside free software without the user noticing. If this has happened to you, you may want to start paying closer attention to how you install freeware so that it …

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How to remove FunPopularGames extension

FunPopularGames – is a typical web-browser extension. It can be installed on different internet browsers, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Designers of this extension claim, that FunPopularGames helps user with Web surfing by adding various functions. It looks as useful and good program, but people classify FunPopularGames …

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