Category: Adware


Remove browser hijacker page

The website is a masked browser hijacker. The internet is full of such pages, most hijackers look like search engines, provided by legit companies like Google, Ask, Yahoo and others. Some using their... 0

Delete MyStartab virus adware (guide)

MyStartab ( is an ad-supported application. It may offer you various benefits, however, it was made solely to create online revenue for its developers. You should be aware, MyStartab will display advertisements which generally...


Get Sports removal tips

Get Sports toolbar what will help user to find favorite game and watch it online. It can be a good and useful add-on, but Get Sports classified as a potentially unwanted program (pup) and...


Delete OtherSearch adware (removal tips)

OtherSearch is a new adware application. It aims to show countless ads. Therefore, you will face a great amount of advertisements when you surf on the web. The software cannot damage your system. For...


Delete HPRewriter2 Ads (removal guide)

HPRewriter2 is an annoying program that displays lots of advertisements. They will pop up on your screen constantly. Generally, such applications aim to show as more as possible advertisements and banners. Thus, the program...