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FBI Cybercrime Division ransomware

FBI Cybercrime Division

The warning that you think is coming from the FBI Cybercrime Division as depicted below is a fake one. Instead, it is the product of cyber hackers who want to scare and prompt active Internet users into believing they’ve committed a lot of crimes online. This is a ransomware program …

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‘United Kingdom Police’ ransomware locks computers today

United Kingdom Police virus

The truth is that ‘United Kingdom Police’ doesn’t lock computers of the UK residents. The truth is that this is a serious ransomware infection that is nominated likewise – United Kingdom Police virus. This scam belongs to the Urausy virus family. Such screen lockers gain more and more popularity among …

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police virus removal

Royal Canadian Mounted Police virus

Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a fresh ransomware that belongs to the Urausy virus family. It is a dangerous computer infection that locks many computers today, primarily those located in Canada. The locker attacks the PC out of the blue, unexpectedly. The desktop is immediately hijacked, without giving a chance …

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EC3 Europol virus (ransomware)

EC3 Europol virus

EC3 Europol logo is being widely used at the scary warnings reported by many ransomware lockers that belong to the Urausy virus family. For this reason some users whose systems got infected with ransomware infection often speak of EC3 Europol as a virus. However, it is not a correct way …

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‘Windows – Read error’ fake alert

Windows - Read error

‘Windows – Read error’ is a misleading notification presented by System Repair virus. The peculiarity of this fake alert is that it is presented several times, at least 21 or even more. And, of course, there are many other misleading alerts that are given by the fake system optimization utility. …

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Apply taskkill.exe command to stop Disk Antivirus Professional scam

Disk Antivirus Professional

Disk Antivirus Professional rogue can be easily terminated using taskkill.exe command. The reason why there’s a need to terminate the malicious process of this hoax is because it blocks launching of many legitimate applications. For example, if you have any antivirus installed already and attempt to launch it, the malware …

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dbheuPYTtA.exe – malicious process of System Repair virus


dbheuPYTtA.exe is a process of System Repair fake hard drive defragmenter. The location of this file in Windows Vista, 7 or 8 versions is C:ProgramDatadbheuPYTtA.exe. According to the information from the previous article about this virus, System Repair is a serious malware that imitates the traits of some system optimization …

Read More » – fraudulent web-site is a hazardous site associated with System Repair virus. However, there’s one peculiarity. This site, in fact, doesn’t exist. Yet, its imitation (the imitation of its name) is widely used in the payment processing interface of System Repair malware. You need to be careful not to specify any financial …

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System Repair virus. Removal guide

System Repair virus

System Repair stands for the serious malware that attacks thousands of computers today. It is the direct successor of File Restore scam, even though previously there have been malwares with exactly the same name. This is a fake system optimization utility (fake HDD) that imitates defragmentation of your computer. The …

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Firefox need to update immediately – scam

Firefox need to update immediately

There’s a serious malware that can be potentially installed via fake updates of Mozilla Firefox. Certain trojan horse may attack your system and imitate the features of Mozilla Firefox alerts. However, this is a fake alert that is extremely dangerous. It says: “Firefox need to update immediately“. Here is what …

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