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An Garda Siochana virus. How to fix locked PC

An Garda Siochana virus

An Garda Siochana is a scam that targets many computers today, primarily located in Ireland and in some other neighboring countries. Great Britain, by the way, is also attacked by this virus massively, in addition to the PCEU (Metropolitan Police) virus locker. This scam belongs to the ransomware category, i.e. …

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PCEU virus. How to remove Police Central E-Crime Unit ransomware

PCEU virus

There is a serious ransomware virus infection in the cyber world today that users the good name of PCEU (Police Central e-crime Unit) of the UK’s Metropolitan Police and says that your computer has been locked. This is the direct successor of the Metropolitan Police ransomware that has been extremely …

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Cyber Crime Unit virus removal tool

Cyber Crime Unit virus

Today we will tell you about another ransomware program that attacks Greece today. It is called Cyber Crime Unit virus (at least some users prefer to call it like that). However, it has nothing to do with Cyber Crime Unit. It is a typical scam developed by the pack of …

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How to remove Security Defender virus (uninstall guide)

Security Defender virus

Security Defender virus description First thing you need to know about Security Defender program is the fact that this is a rogue security software. It has the cruelest of intentions – to scare users with plenty of deceitful information about various fake threats on your system and on this basis …

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Ihr Computer ist gesperrt. Bundesamt für Polizei virus

Bundesamt fur Polizei virus

The computers of active Internet users in Switzerland are nowadays suffering from a massive ransomware attacks by Bundesamt für Polizei scam. This is a ransomware locker that blocks the desktop of targeted computer completely, without rendering a chance for user to do anything with his/her system. Any attempts to reboot …

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How to remove ransomware virus that locked your computer?

Safe Mode with Networking

The interrogation you see above is a logical question that is often being asked by many users whose workstations have been blocked by a serious virus infection that asks for money to unlock it. Such malicious programs are categorized as ransomwares, and the growth rates of their spread are increasing …

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Department of Justice ransomware virus removal

Department of Justice virus

There’s a serious virus that is crossing primarily around the United States of America. It is classified as ransomware because it locks the infected computer completely and then asks for the ransom to be paid in favor of its authors. Who are these authors, by the way? They’re surely the …

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Australian Federal Police virus. Removal guide

Australian Federal Police virus

The mission of this article is to assist users in removing Australian Federal Police ransomware (also referred to as AFP virus). Of course, it is not really correct to speak of this law enforcement organization as a virus, nevertheless, this is exactly what users infected with the ransomware virus think …

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Win 7 Total Security 2013 (uninstall guide)

Win 7 Total Security 2013

How to remove Win 7 Total Security 2013 virus? This is quite a logical question that is often being asked by many users whose workstations have been badly infected with this scam. Indeed, there’s nothing good to expect of it. This scam has the cruelest of the intentions – to …

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Win7 Defender. Removal instructions

Win7 Defender virus

This is the article on Win7 Defender fake antivirus removal. Surely, this program is malicious because it doesn’t use legal ways of entering your computer. In the majority of the cases this scam comes up after users click some malicious links supposedly leading to some online codecs necessary for watching …

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