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Annoyed by Chitka popup ads? Find out how to remove them

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Chitka pop up ads are from time to time active on various computers in various countries. Needless to mention, such form of malvertising is very annoying. The problem is that these ads appear on computers without user’s permission. This is a form of redirect virus, because your Internet connection settings have been amended by this malware, resulting in occurrence of many annoying ads titled as Chitka. By the way, don’t mix them with Chitika, the legitimate US online advertisement company.

The truth about Chitka pop up ads is that they look very similar to Facebook messages. But the problem is that they can’t be shut down, even though they do contain a sign supposedly for closing them. Yet, all attempts of users to remove them seem to be vain. We recommend you to scan your system with legitimate and powerful security software to get rid of Chitka annoying messages on your system. Choose GridinSoft Trojan Killer for this purpose. Don’t forget to use the tool called “Reset HOSTS” in the “Tools” menu of Trojan Killer. Run scan with our application and remove all infections detected. If this doesn’t help, please follow this guide on fixing the problem of browser redirection.

Screenshot of Chitka ads:

Chitka ads

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