Ads by BetterSurf – removal instructions

This guide explains how to get rid of Ads by BetterSurf from your computer. This adware may come into your computer through various ways. One of them is through software downloads and installations of those applications which can be bundled with the installer of BetterSurf. However, there are also cases when this annoying program can be installed into computer without user’s participation, through the malicious activity of some trojan horse available on your computer.

Ads by BetterSurf

As a result of installing BetterSurf adware you will see a lot of its ads that come up in your browser whenever you open it to look for something important. These ads may come up as some banners, or as intext links related to some words in the text of the window which have double underlining. Whenever you move your mouse towards them the ads will appear brought by BetterSurf.

The problem with BetterSurf adware is that it can’t be uninstalled generally, through the Control Panel of your computer. We’ve tried to do it on our test computer and simply didin’t fund the uninstaller at all. So, to get rid of this adware from your system you need to perform a complete cleanup of your computer with the help of reliable and powerful security software that will help you get rid of all infections, files and registry entries associated with BetterSurf.

You can surely get rid of BetterSurf adware manually, but this is a really time-consuming process. Plus, this is only possible for computer savvy users with advanced IT skills. Below please find the guide that will help you uninstall BetterSurf adware program automatically with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Removal tool for BetterSurf adware:

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