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6 Important Tips How To Keep Your PC Secured

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It is hard to imagine how much personal information stored on our gadgets, especially on PC or laptop. We are working on it, gaming, shopping, communicating, sharing and collecting photos, videos and so on. Everything seems fine and there is no sign of troubles until you suddenly got a virus. Believe me, it is always unexpected. There a lot of sad consequences that we all know about, but hoping that they won’t ever touch us. So we made a list of top tips, that don’t need any technical knowledge to implement but can save your life PC once.

1. Uninstall Java

Java popularity has gone, so why do we still keep it on our PC? It just gives an opportunity for hackers to use security holes on sites and infect you and Java is a great helper for them. A lot of respectful sources recommend to delete it or at least disable. Check uninstall guides on official site of Java.

2. Updates are necessary

There a lot of stuff, that you need to update regularly if you want to be secured. Updates it’s not a fancy reminder of developers, it is an offer of a better protection, that patches all holes and vulnerabilities of the previous versions, that hackers are very likely to use or have done that already. So here are the most important things you need to update to be secured:

»Update the operating system

It is the most important you can do for your PC. Have you heard about WannaCry? I think you do. But did you knew, that it was so easy to avoid such a huge number of victims: just keep the system updated and have the latest patches installed? Updating is so simple process and Windows won’t let you forget about it (yes, we all don’t like, that intrusive pop-ups about updating the system at the most inappropriate moment). But viruses show up in inappropriate time too, so we recommend you to schedule the update on the night time, for example.

»Update your security software

Security software releases new versions regularly to be sure, that it’s able to protect all users from the latest threats. Every day they finding new viruses, malware or vulnerabilities to offer a strong protection and be the best guardian. Every day viruses become more sophisticated and security software tracking it. Your job is just to update it regularly.

»Any software vulnerability which attackers can use

Browsers, Skype, torrents – everything collects your personal information, that should stay personal. Photos, browser activity, messages, contacts – everything can be stolen and used for malicious purposes. These apps are a slice of the cake for cyber criminals, that just waiting for your carelessness. App developers are always trying to be one step ahead and patch all vulnerabilities with new updates.

3. Use an anti-malware software

Some people live with trojans, adware, hijackers for years! Could you imagine that? First, they don’t notice it, then just get used to them. Redirect virus seems just annoying, not really dangerous for you? Then you are in 78% of people, who underestimates the enemy. By itself, it can’t damage your files or system, but it turns on the green light to the most dangerous viruses now. You can remove all malware just in one click with GridinSoft Anti-Malware and never see them again.

4. Make backups

Just in case, it is better to have all important information add photos not just on your PC or laptop. As you’ve already understood it is unsafe. For backups, you can use external drives or cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and so on. We recommend you to have an external drive – it is the safest option for your data.

5. Strong passwords

Do you use one or two passwords to dozens of sites? It is easier for you, we agree. Hackers hope you will do this forever. It makes their work very easy. Agree, that different sites have a different security level, so hackers can crack your password to TV-show site and use it for social networks and online banking accounts. If you care about security change your passwords NOW! Use at least 8 characters passwords with upper and lower-case letters and different symbols.

6. Log out

When you don’t use the account on Facebook, Gmail, banking account always log out, You can just make it easier for the hacker to enter into your personal life.

So here is it, 6 tips, that will protect your privacy with no doubt. They are really easy but very efficient. Hackers with you won’t do this, but I hope you will follow our advices.

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