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How to activate GridinSoft Trojan Killer using the activation (license) code?

12.17.2012 · Posted in FAQ

Activating GridinSoft Trojan Killer with the activation code is as easy as it can be. By the way, when the program launches itself for the very first time, you will see the notification that gives you the chance to do it immediately:

Activate now

You may click “Enter license” and you will see the option to activate the program right away. If you choose the option to continue evaluating Trojan Killer, you may activate it later on by clicking “Help” tab:

Help tab

Once you click “Activate now” button, the following window comes up:

Activation code

In the space “Activation code” provide your license (activation) code and click “Activate Now” button. Make sure you provide the code correctly.

5 Responses to “How to activate GridinSoft Trojan Killer using the activation (license) code?”

  1. Trevor Pyman says:

    I have lost my activation key in computer crash. Please resend Activation Key

  2. Jeff Grage says:

    I tried to use my code but it did not work. I am almost ready to give up.

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