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Fantastic program Every one should use it

I cannot say how very impressed I am by this program and the support team. I had a very deeply intergrated virus that infected my whole computer. To ensure that it was all destroyed the support team aked to take over my computer, which I agreed to. I was able to follow their work which took easily an hour. And in the end the virus was gone. I can wholeheartedly recommend this program

morecote, CNet Download

Good solution to fix browser redirection issues

I downloaded this utility after my system got infected with some serious trojan that permanently redirected all my search queries to some random sites I didn't ask for. It was promises at the site that the problem will be fixed, so I downloaded this tool and it helped me. There were about 10 trojans detected, in fact. All of them were successfully deleted after reboot.

Phillip_Bliss, CNet Download

Extremely useful program

I had no idea about Anti-Malware at all but when my computer began to act strangely, I had to find a good solution to fix that. Of course, there was a virus in the system and the antivirus I had for that moment couldn't handle it. My search led me to Anti-Malware and I decided to try it. I couldn't believe it but the virus was gone.

trbench, CNet Download

It excellently did its job!!!

My PC was infected with some nasty virus when I was desperately in need of it because I had to prepare to my driving test. Firstly I decided to bring my computer to a tech guy but it costed a pretty penny so I changed my mind and started to search for some less expensive solution on the Web. I found some positive comments about Anti-Malware and decided to try. It recovered my PC unexpectedly quickly so I am satisfied.

rfalangie, CNet Download

Powerful utility to combat most tricky malwares

On my laptop I found these good malware removal instructions at the site of Anti-Malware, and i found out how exactly to run this software even on her infected PC. Anyway, after about 30 minutes of following those guidelines the system was absolutely fixed, and the files were recovered.

David_Roper, CNet Download

It is worth to be bought.

This program is really worht to be bought. The price is really cheap. And it actually does what it promises. I found the description of the virus' removal and bought Trojan Killer. Because several antiviruses were so useless, they didn't even detect the virus in my system. But Trojan Killer helped me to get rid of the malware and bring my system back to normal state.

EricMcferny, CNet Download

It helped me fix browser redirection issue well enough!

Anti-Malware identified 2 important malicious files and removed them effectively, so I believe it did it job quite well. Plus, I has another problem of files that were missing and hidden, and their support guy helped me to restore them for free.

Peter_Johnson, CNet Download

Use Trojan Killer every single day.

The program works fast in my system. I run Anti-Malware and do full scan every day after it found and got rid of the virus in my machine.

judygoldersten, CNet Download

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Compatible with Windows 8

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